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Evenson Shares ‘The More You Wanna (Break Up)’. “We can feel it. It is so close.”

Like ships in the night, in a vast Ocean of light and dark, we are sometimes consumed by the promise of that seems near. We can taste it. We can feel it. It is so close, that we can’t dare dream not imagined in our minds.

“This song is a feeling of loving someone who is incapable of loving you. You try to move forward in the relationship only to be held back,” said Stamford, Connecticut originating artist, Evenson. “It’s a juxtaposition and almost funny ironic feeling that the love you give out only leads you to be hurt in the end; so you hurt, hurt, and hurt inside with no one to turn to because you fear of losing them entirely.”

Like a ghost, she passes through your longing admiration. Like a ghost, he divinely caresses you, only in your heart. The dimples of time and space, graciously bypass, the real love that should have been.

Could have been.

Lost in a shuffle of jealousy, angst, confusion, and ultimate sacrifice, the story of a potential story book love, fades like the grayed out text of a long forgotten book.

The emotions turning into pieces, of a present – relieved of its duty, to never be found as it was, again.

Evenson’s search for that lost vision, tells of how cruel our existence, sometimes, can be. But with the door ajar, just slightly, Eveneson, is determined to give love another chance – if it wants to.

The 21 year old artist brings a gentile blend of nostalgia, and modern pop, encapsulated by an intangible, but irreplaceable conviction, in the hindsight to never give up on what can set ourselves free.

Let’s love again. Let’s be free.



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