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Everyone Is Dirty – 3D Light

Everyone Is Dirty’s 3D Light delves into the psychedelic paunch, lovable and large – waiting to be touched, flicked at, squished. The song is a ‘dare’. It dares, first, to like it. It dares, second, to touch that paunch. Can you? Dare you?

He wasn’t a cool guy to hang with. He had no friends to speak of, no close ties to his family. Recently, in the effort to start with a clean slate, he moved to another state and city: San Diego, California.

The decision wasn’t all his own. His girlfriend dumped him. Suddenly mind you. Was a bit traumatized. And his dad died, of a heart attack. That was sudden, of course.

Job wasn’t satisfactory. He was working as a marketing consultant and somehow, along the way, lost his direction. There wasn’t a real ‘purpose’ to the daily actions he was taking. Was just going about things like a zombie.

A well dressed zombie. But a zombie, non-the-less.

Yea. Who cares how one dresses if you’re a zombie, he told himself one day.

After that, a slow and accelerating steps were taken to move to San Diego.

San Diego is a cool town. Small-ish feeling city, with lots of suburb streets and housing. He was feeling enthusiastic about making a fresh re-start.

It wasn’t going well. He started with getting a job that was similar to his last one. Had to, because needed the money.

His current girlfriend seemed different from his last. But that didn’t go as planned. She was the same.

Now he’s a zombie, well dressed, once again – in San Diego.

Yep. And you’re thinking, “What the heck does this short tale about this ‘zombie’ guy, to do with Everyone Is Dirty??”

Everything. At least for us at CHF. It’s a tale, a narration to a tale. The tale that is within our individual imaginations.

Songs trigger, and this one triggered that tale about this ‘zombie guy’.

TV show-esque? Music video-esque? Yep.

Oh, and he’s living large in San Diego – albeit, still as a well dressed zombie.

That’s how life goes sometimes.

Everyone Is Dirty is rep’ed by OIM Records. Check them both out!



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