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Everything to Nothing // Taft // Paul Iwan // MK Ellison // Tenth Electric

Everything to Nothing – Ten Years

Emo-rock dynamics and Hull UK based band EVERYTHING TO NOTHING, comes at us with ‘Ten Years’. A throwback to the early 2000’s in style and intensity, the single is all that you want when you’re in a rockin’ state of mind. The band was only formed in 2017, and has been throwing up buzz for their songs quickly and emphatically. In January 2018, their debut single ‘Daylight’ dropped. And after radio play and support from BBC and the like, there’s only one way to celebrate in keeping the momentum. ‘Ten Years’ continues that forward thrust. And in the new year, we won’t expect anything less.

Taft – Rooms

The demonically good vocals of TAFT is undeniable. The rise and the fall of the levels in emotion – in each note and to the next – envelopes the soul, with soft fleece of red yarns. The sun in the sky is bright and shimmers in your eyes. But ‘Rooms’ is inside you. It lives within you. It dances with the dance, of those thoughts flickering. Alone. Desperate. TAFT’s willingness of creating previously un-touched landscapes of sound is remarkable to every cell of your holy body. With deep spacial escapes in presence and authenticity, the minimal accents in light and shades, conform to an oil painting of a single. The noose around your suffocating heart, is released, and hovers to another panel of thought, reverence, and reflective constitution. We can love music again, with ‘Rooms’.

Paul Iwan – Run

‘Run’ is the electro-rock anthem of lonesome promises, we all mutter, under our breaths. It’s not a declaration of folding in the sight of significant difficulties, but a promise to be strong, focused, and faster. There’s no ‘dying’ in these parts. PAUL IWAN’s ‘Run’ takes it to an emotional peak with soaring vocals, and most importantly, with a soaring message. Hope is written deep within the cells of each note, prodding and pushing, for positive forward progressions. ‘Run’ is about Paul’s own mental health issues. And just like his message, there might be low times, but he must move forward. We all must. Staying in one place, could be the end of it all. Paul says “I can look back at things now with a bit more perspective but I got so lost, I wasn’t living my life. Someone once said to me “running from your problems is a race you’ll never win”. By the time I’d realised that was true, my alcoholism had spiralled out of control and had been diagnosed with PTSD. Getting help is the best thing I’ve ever done”.

MK Ellison – Georgia

MK ELLISON has a way of telling a story. With chapters, within chapters, in ‘Georgia’ takes the traditional methods of folk-country, and makes it her own. The raw and minimal acoustic guitar, reminds the listener of things that might have happened, but certainly of the future. ‘Georgia’ is the 2nd single from her upcoming EP ‘Good October’ (January 4, 2019). The single has a certain way of ‘intensity’, without over burdening aspects of forthrightness and efforts of honesty. ‘Georgia’ in its state, is a surprise of a single, that creeps up and stays like an old friend who cares.

Tenth Electric – Turn Your Light On

Luke Mitchell’s eloquent vocals tower over the landscape, where the valley of the steppes, un-freeze with knowledge and succumbs with seasonal revelry. The personal and spiritual works of TENTH ELECTRIC derides at the inconsolable. But it’s gentle in its exposition, climbing and climbing the peaks of glory, with power chords of delight and radiance. “Tenth Electric wants to unify people,” stated the band. “And encourage people to speak up and say ‘it’s ok to not be ok’. We are all in this together and change is around the corner.” Rock one and all. The uplifting works of this Christian rock band is something to view.


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