Evie Irie ‘Worst Enemy’ : The brutal things we put ourselves through.

Evie Irie

“‘Worst Enemy’ is about our inner demons,” said Evie Irie. “It’s about admitting to the times we sabotage ourselves, and the brutal things we put ourselves through. It’s about feeling like sometimes you are so lost, that you actually think you’re found. It’s a really hard reality when I realize I’m in that place – overwhelmed with the struggle of all of my inner demons. That’s the core of “Worst Enemy”. The self-sabotage, the constant drive to be better, and to be good enough. It’s an endless and inevitable cycle, that I think we all experience at a point in our lives, in one way or another.”

Last year, Evie captivated listeners and tastemakers alike with her debut EP, 5 Weeks in L.A. Refinery29 praised how she “Gives teenage angst a surprising twist,” while Atwood Magazine crowned her “one of the most promising teens of pop music today” and touted her among its, “2020 Artists to Watch.” Idolator summed it up best, “Each song demands your full attention.”

Hailing from just outside Sydney, Australia, Evie Irie is quietly emerging as something of an alternative soul-pop wunderkind at just 17-years-old. Grabbing a guitar, she penned fully realized pop anthems rooted in the experiences of her sister and her friends. With her family supporting, she moved to Nashville and attracted the attention of top songwriters and tastemakers at open mics and performances.

Be on the lookout for the official music video May 7th.

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