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The Evolution of Nuclear Bombs. Reminder to a sobering thought.

Nuclear weapons have only been used against an adversary only once in a war. This was of course during the end of World War II and against the Japanese Empire. Here 2 atomic bombs were dropped: one in Nagasaki and one in Hiroshima. These two bombs killed scores of citizens and exposed scores more to radiation.

However, the use of nuclear focused weapons never stopped being developed. And the top two contributors of this (United States and Soviet Union/Russia) continued throughout the Cold War and into the 21st century.

There have been much news recently regarding nuclear weapons (via North Korea’s ICBM missile tests), but it could be that we can remind ourselves how deadly and powerful nuclear weapons can be. It’s an instrument never to be taken lightly.

Below is a summary video that lists the evolution of the nuclear weapon and its likely path of devastation.


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