Evran ‘Villains In The Night’ : Courses through your listening veins and makes you shiver in kind.

Evran / Photo: Marius Mathisen

Like a thief in the night, Evran’s single ‘Villains In The Night’ dowses you awake, with new knowledges un-sung. A decadent tinge of MUSE in the midsts, Evran rings truth and justice through his falsetto vocals to maximal musical effect.

“I wrote this song at the end of my paternity leave,” said Evran. “I spent a lot of days taking stroller walks with my daughter to places i used to frequent a lot in my early teenage years. It gave me this weird combination of nostalgia and melancholy. I started to think about choices that i have made, and how i could have been in a totally different and much worse place… Breaking your curfew, bending the rules and doing mischievous things at night. They are all very innocent acts, you’re just trying to awkwardly figure out who you are. But in those moments you felt like a Villain in the Night.”

Evran continued: “The story of the lyrics is painting a picture of a group of friends being out at night, discussing, partying and goofing about. Trying not to conform to societies norms. Finding comfort with their “Devils” because they do not judge or mind their behaviour.”

Depth in perception. Utterance for guidance, with empathy. ‘villains In The Night’ is shrouded in mystery, as it courses through your listening veins and makes you shiver in kind.

Awakening, complete.


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