Ewelina Westin ‘Waterfalls’ : “Never let someone else decide what makes you happy”. The world is yours. Your way.

Ewelina Westin

Ewelina Westin writes and releases her music from home on the small island of Gotland, Sweden where she’s born and raised. And in ‘Waterfalls’, she gives us the gift of reminding us where we’d all want to be. A place of smiles and satisfyingly substantive happiness, the rhythms of such blooms from Ewelina’s vocals. Add in message of hope and possibilities, and you have a song like ‘Waterfalls.

“This is how I develop, forget about bad stuff and tell stories,” said Ewelina. “That dedicated bubble you create for yourself is just magical. That’s where I’m completely safe and happy.”

‘Waterfalls’ was written in one afternoon and it is about the desire to move on from a good life to reach even higher. To believe you are destined for something and go all in without having to worry about other peoples opinions.

“I think that feeling is recognizable for many creative people. Never let someone else decide what makes you happy.”

Ewelina suffers from a horrible stage fright and prefers to stay safe and sound in the studio. But we think she belongs on the stage, making her fans as happy as she can be.



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