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Ex Okays Shares ‘Involvement’. “..exerting through the nostrils of the monster..”

Calla Flanagan

Disgustingly good. That’s the thing we thought of when listening to EX OKAYS’ ‘Involvement’. With entrenched hard-rock sensibilities, prog-rock attitude, quirky but massively talented notes, emit out of the instruments.

And in this fun single ‘Involvement’, the jam session-like atmosphere turns from Brit-rock, to versions of a diabolical Canadian hard-rock of the 70’s (looking at your early RUSH).

However,the irresistible (ness) comes from the highly shimmering production of the song, with an absolutely decadent vocals – both captivating and narcissistic. All of the elements congeal into a summer-y platitude of ‘look at me ma’, with the backwards dad cap and the snickering of college dorm mates. Then the transformation reverts again, with an elegant microcosm, exerting through the nostrils of the monster of this vast and clamoring single. Like a butterfly escaping from its cocoon, we gasp in exultant rapture, though it maybe private.

It’s quite a ride, to be sure.

Mix of emotions as dynamic as that girl you used to date.

But as malign and equitable as the boy you knew you can conquer.

The 5 artists base out of Chicago. They’re proud of that, you see.

As well they should.

The band consists of: Aidan Cahill, Dominic Folino, Doñovan Thomas, Elias Snyder, and Johnny Cummings.




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