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Ex-poets Share ‘Still Waiting’. “Beckoning, Reeling, Un-knowable and Our Own Uncertainty’.

Jordan Brooks and Colin Killalea are the EX-POETS, and with songs like ‘Still Waiting’, they drench you with the molasses like sugar, crystalized in powered hesitations in love and affection – keeping you alive, sane.

Taking the slow ride through the jungles of love, isn’t easy. He was at the front of the small dingy, and the fog was too thick, sometimes, to navigate. It was a dangerous situation where the crew could have flipped overboard, and just die.

Dying of lost causes.

Dying of lost loves.

Dying from the mistreatment of their souls, stricken with fascination.

The shimmering water on that grand river, made the thirsty crew seek the truth of it all.

The alligators awaited them.

EX-POETS comes from that twilight hour, of the day in which we exist and do not. Raking suppositions, scratch up your back for more answers than bring up questions. The thematic and beckoning songs, reel in our angst, the un-knowable – and our own uncertainty.

For Colin ‘Still Waiting’ is “a tribute to love and wanting to be alone with that person and the elements.”



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