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EX-POETS Share ‘Tracks’. “Are You In There? I Love You. Please, Let Me Know.”

EX-POETS is made up of Jordan Brooks and Colin Killalea. And the duo weaves landscapes of war torn loves, of inner demons and introspective outlooks of life.

Yes. And Interpretation is key.

From your own experiences.

Or from your imagined delights within a dreamlike relationship.

The mandibles of the loveless, is sharp and nasty.

That’ what the doctors concluded.

But she didn’t buy that notion. For she knew, deep in her soul, that he still existed. Albeit underneath all the layers of soot and defensive shields.

His eyes were red, and angry towards his captors. She looked at him, but it was hard to see past his exterior.

“Are you in there? I love you. Please, let me know.”

On September 28th, the new album ‘Too Much Future’ will drop.

And that should be a cause for some celebration.



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