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EXMAID Is the Heat. They Mold You The Way They Want. Get Crushed.

The new planet was desolate and dry, as far as the instruments indicated. The Oxygen levels were a bit higher than compared to Earth, and the Nitrogen levels were a bit lower.

Planet 009 was known by the scientists for about 20 years, and within that time, the public and the governments formed an alliance of sorts in the effort to successfully bring humans to that new planet. New to the humans, but Planet 009 was older and larger than Earth. It had a tinge of blue and green in its atmosphere, and it was noted by science that maybe even the liquid on the planet, not purely similar in chemistry to Earth’s H2O, it certainly was close. Both poles of the planet shimmered in frozen ice caps, dictating Planet’s atmospherics and circulation of the air within it.

At the end of the 2 decades, the governments of Earth formed an exploratory space force. The name of that group of intrepid explorers was called EXMAID.

In EXMAID, Dave, Joe, Larry, and Miranda were hand-picked to explore the new ‘second Earth’ to confirm the theories of the scientists. EXMAID would help humanity step a giant-step to colonizing another world that was already similar to Earth’s offerings.

And they would ‘crush’ it.

EXMAID brought their will, their strength, their intellect, and their MUSIC to the new planet. And on that year 3015 (Earth time), EXMAID landed on that glorious planet, knowing that it was a new dawn for humanity and the two galaxies that bound multi-planetary species together.

Weird and odd story for a music review? Heck NO.

It’s what we think about when listening to EXMAID. And in their latest LP ‘Fair Sex’, the odd imagination ‘switch’ is turned on in our heads, imagining how the band has become and how they would conquer another world in another millennia or so.

Only Isaac Asimov would know, probably. TBH.

When bands and their music makes us go all weird like this, it’s a good sign. And EXMAID certainly brings it out for their fans and new fans, alike. The fiery vocals of Miranda, to the arrangements of the band, turns the screw a bit more. That casket of love might turn to dust. Or it might bloom, like it always should have.

Anywho, EXMAID will be there for you. Assisting you. Arranging your infinity.

Hold their hand. For Planet 009, needs you too.


CHF is a proud media sponsor of the 3rd Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival. Catch EXMAID and a plethora of other incredible bands October 6th (Saturday) @ White Eagle Hall in Jersey City!



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