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EXROYALE Shares ‘Ocean of Space’. “The Universe is us. Connection is relevant.”

“The delicacy of your beauty, marks the return of me. Your smiling grace, invigorates my whole as the weathering of my cold heart, melts with the rising sun. Your existence empowers my own, as there is purpose in the days, the months, the future. I am grateful to you…”

Like a sweet poem to the love of your life, ‘Ocean Of Space’ envelopes you in a hint of jasmine, and lets you remember all of the good of it all. Josh Schroeder’s return fro a hiatus involves more dream pop, with fusion of synth and lovely effervescence of lyrics.

It is a song about a maybe ‘misplaced’ feeling of longing for more connection with the world and the people who inhabit.

Universally, it is the truth. Universally, we all do.

Get swept.



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