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Exxy // South West Rambo // Dani Le Rose // Nick de la Hoyde // Brett Castro

Exxy – bad thoughts

Hollywood baed artist EXXY’s first single dropped in 2016 and was a big hit. It was the theme song for an Amazon Original Series in collaboration with Trident Fantasy Films. Content that is commercial, and cinematic, the pop songstress knows how to evoke emotions with critical essence and popular extravagance. ‘Bad Thoughts’ is one of those continuing singles that bring up such excellence, as her expertly controlled vocals drive a wedge between life’s realities and fantastical desires. Off of the latest EP ‘Ugly Lovely’ (available now), ‘Bad Thoughts’ is a series within a series of song that conjure visions of love and improprieties that just weren’t warranted from the first place. The love that never was – IS. The love that ever was – WON’T. The contrasts in the singles clarify, in a vast sea of dew.

South West Rambo – Far

SOUTH WEST RAMBO is not what you expected. Not what you’d dreamed of. But they are ALL that you’d desired. The smooth r&b/hiphop pop band from Southern Utah makes it a fact of reason that their music deliver in sultry decadence and love in truth. Truth is in essence the backstop for the launching of how songs from SWR comes with vigor and soothing caresses. A kiss on the nape of your neck, with hands on body parts, both parties knowing what exactly is happening, and wanting more and more – that is what ‘Far’ is all about. Whether static loneliness, or being lonely from being physically apart, the rambling self assurance, can’t defeat the fact that she’s over there, and you are over here. She looks so good by the wall, of distress, as you see her gazing with intent, making you nervous in every blood pumping serenade. It’s over for you. Get into SOUTH WEST RAMBO. Get in.

Dani Le Rose – The Maze

DANI LE ROSE makes us want to love ourselves and then dine on the hearts of our exes. Is that wrong? ‘The Maze’ is the latest from the Alberta native and she brings her unique vibe to the floor. Her habits for dance and rhythm comes with the valiant affection and attraction. The pop artist gives it her dang all with stylistic tongue-in-cheek visions. The caustic reasons on why a relationship is repeated is a mystery. A mystery that can’t be left behind, nor ignored, for it fills so much of the hole in our hearts. Blame the other. Blame your partner. It is her fault. It is his fault – for making this touch feel so good. It is a touch that gets all your juices going without rhyme or reason. DANI LE ROSE’s single ‘The Maze’ is so very exhilerating. Admit it. It is innocence and ol’ school house aesthetics that just speaks. And its voice is loud and hypnotic. Dani’s a gem, and with ‘The Maze’ she keeps that vibe surging.

Nick de la Hoyde – Animals

Pop artist NiCK DE LA HOYDE keeps it delectable in ‘Animals’. The Australian found his true calling in music and as his past of living in a multi-cultural family, the influence of many different genres of music casts a wide brilliance in his final outputs. ‘Animals’ is a more balladic ensemble that touches parts of hiphop, r&b, and electronica to bring spectacles of love into a more focused and tinted tones of delight. With a beautifully full vocals that highlights the lyrics on his single, Nick delivers a very cool and breezy anthemic foray, delivering in wide-lens views of what his view on love can be. His upcoming debut album ‘A Beautiful Mess’ will release soon this summer.

Brett Castro – what’s mine?

“Suburbia is no longer that simple, idyllic lifestyle that you heard about. It’s a convoluted and sometimes depressing tale of substance abuse, broken homes, and shattered dishes – and I’m creating music to reflect that: stories that peek behind the white picket fences and red front doors into something a little more worn in and bruised.” Cleveland, Ohio originating 21-year-old singer/songwriter/producer comes with a chip on his shoulder that is endemically intrinsic and affectionate. His single ‘What’s Mine?’ is part of his EP, ‘I’m Sorry’, which is a 5 track journey to the starts in rocket ship that was built from tears of invoking hearts and emotions. A travel to the past and into the future, ‘What’s Mine?’ is a bridge that was part of the EP that was written, when Brett was in Germany. Making something out of a seemingly insignificant part of living, BRETT CASTRO helps us open our eyes, just a bit more to better self-examination and maybe, just maybe, a better us in return.


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