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EYES EYES Shares Travel Journal Entry Of A Single ‘Walmart’. We’re A Distance Apart. Yet Very Close.

The stars align, depending on our perspective. Stand here a light years apart, or stand here a light years around – then it seems off it’s original intent. Perspective is the key to our little lives, it’s content, and maybe…just maybe the philosophy behind what it all means.

The light from the distant stars, shower our every cell of our being, every second of our existence. Just like the apparent dignities of mind’s eye’s fragments of memories, collage of ragged edges, paired up to make sense. But sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but we put meaning in them – to survive, to grow, to convince ourselves of what is true to us, to the CONTENT of our being, to the perspective – of what we wish to be.

EYES EYES is a Swedish-American pop group, and demonstrate a journalistic solace in this single ‘Walmart’. To Americans, ‘Walmart’ means many things. And depending on many facets and pogrum of perspective, each person has a story to tell. The band consists of Johan Barrett and Markus Miljand, and within this little packet of song, as an American, we can relate to the sometimes nihilistic attitudes and acceptance of malnutrition.

But alas, it’s not about negativity, but about that perspective. A perspective, reflected…seemingly and inevitably light years apart.



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