Ezra Allen ‘New Years Eve’ : Subsiding decadence in attribution to the cause – or none.

Ezra Allen / Photo: Nat Smith

‘New Years Eve’ the latest offering from Ezra Allen, which is off of his upcoming EP ‘All For What’ (December 31st, 2020).

‘All For What’ is the final part of a three-part mixtape Allen began in 2017 named ‘Mutterings of a Deteriorating Degenerate’. The project’s purpose served as a sonic playground to develop Allen’s sound and act as an audible biography for his induction to adulthood.

A jargon of spoken word vibes and language altercations, Ezra’s single isn’t bound by expectations nor mores. A divergent crop of indispensability, surrounded by the core of sustainability, ‘New Years Eve’ is a subsiding decadence in attribution to the cause – or none.

Surrounding himself with talented musicians and instrumentalists, he delves into new sounds to create eclectic tracks which compliment his storytelling.


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