Fabian Jack ‘Dreams’ : They make you get in. They make you rock out.

Fabian Jack

Rock band Fabian Jack represent fun as you’d like. Their presence on and off stage with ‘Dreams’ pull together classic pop habits, into a gloriously glistening romp. A night out with them on stage is a slice of time, you’d always remember. The London based band mixes new wave, disco, dance, dub and a heavy dose of eighties pop, for the somethin’-somethin’ for you senses.

One track will be released every 6 weeks, from Valentines Day, right through to September, where their efforts and generosity will be celebrated with a huge and extremely messy party above the Italian Market (MM) at Elephant & Castle.

The band is armed with the vibes of members Beni Pri, JP Robinson, Chris Longhurst, Piera Pri and John Davies.

They make you get in. They make you rock out.


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