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The Fabricators Releases New Video For Single ‘Gustav’.

With the expectation of a full album release sometime in 2018 (the last time we checked), The Fabricators (based out of London England), released their latest ‘Gustav’ music video. Hear those guitar bars at the beginning of the chorus, and you, just like us, will turn your head and do a double take. At the least, the song is worth it just for those segments in the song. But the whole of the song is sound, and complete, and just ass kickingly fantastic, with reminiscence of 60’s style rock bands of old, with sprinkles of 90’s grunge.

It’s delish ~

‘Gustav’ was filmed in Brighton. The song is the first from the first EP ‘Junction To The Jail’ – which in all accounts to our CHF ears, comes off as a zombie morbid marching procession (kinda) with ‘Criminal Prose’, and ends with ‘Kinder Wrath’ a rock and jazz situation that is very sexy and unassumingly attractive – pop, but very indie.

All the songs include the hard rock elements that make the band what they are – screeching, hollering, convulsing riffs color the songs in blood red octane indie rock assaults.

Again. It’s just cool stuff, we say.

The band consists of: Marcus Aitken (drums), Mark Beckett (lead guitar), James Matejka (guitar, vocals), and Joseph Matejka (bass).

And as mentioned, the band is expected to release their first full-length album in 2018.

Looking forward to it.


Buy the EP [HERE]

They’re rep’ed by Ganbei Records, out of good ol’ London England.



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