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FADE AWAAYS Share Dynamic Single ‘Get Along’, Which Could Indicate Much Fabulousness To Come.

Grinding out is the mantra for all bands. Local, regional, and then graduate to the national – touring is a grind, but that’s what needs to done. Of course, when you have awesome music to share, it gets easier and easier, because the product sells itself, as the famous saying states.

And FADE AWAAYS’ single ‘Get Along’ is one example of head scorchingly dynamic and froth-at-the-mouth indie-rock goodness that shouldn’t be passed by.

The band admits that ‘Get Along’ is the anchor for their live sets. We can feel why that is, and we say, “Please may we have more?”

The Toronto, Canada based band consists of Reid MacMaster (guitar), Duncan Briggs (bass), Sean Hackl (guitar), and Owen Wolff (drums). They’d already garnered fabulous tour dates with the likes of Wolf Alice, Hot Flash Heat Wave, and Public Access TV. There’s something about the guys and it’s apparent more and more are getting to realize this, as well.

In the coming months, more singles should be released, along with a complete EP to drop sometime this winter.

Let’s see what’s up.

Can’t wait to find out.



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