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Faintlife // d.c.R. Pollock // Tom West // Crusoe // nRCS

Faintlife – Virgin

FAINTLIFE’s ‘Virgin’ is the prog-rock offering that you’re listening to right now. And quickly it envelopes you with the fascination of a thought. That thought you probably have when in a bar, with too much responsibility upon your shoulders. It’s a coldasack of unrepenting agony, in your mind – in that instance. But a hand touches your shoulder. It’s her. Your savior. You’re now light as a feather, with all the joy in the world. FAINTLIFE’s engrossing instrumentals guiding the sum retrospective, blends high octane lyrics with gentile psychedelia. The brand new album ‘Virgin’ is available now.

d.c.R. Pollock – Young Buck (Radio Version)

d.c.R. POLLOCK returns with his title track off of his record ‘Young Buck’. Think you know what the song’s about? “Its about what life was like after I stopped touring,” said d.c.R. “I came home to a very disenchanted world. Everyone in my home town felt it.” The norm isn’t for d.c.R. It’s not who he is. He’s all about ‘stretching’ reality and seeing what he could do to fold that ‘impossiblity’. There’s challenge in that. There’s art in that. Consummate artist and pro, d.c.R. POLLOCK’s album is available now.

Tom West – Antarctica

“While I’ve been performing this year there was a consistent theme of people approaching me after the shows saying how much they loved this song,” stated TOM WEST. “I wanted to share it as we approach the end of the year to say thanks to all the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, performing with and performing for this year.” TOM WEST’s ‘Antarctica’ derives the individual strengths in part, and amplifies the efforts to a more purer and endemic proliferation of thought and feelings. The beautiful indie-folk strumming of his guitar to his rapturous vocals brings us all to a point of departure to a better world.

Crusoe – Living With the Lights Out

‘Living With The Lights Out’ is the lead single from CRUSOE’s new EP ‘A Cure For Gravity’ (available now). Vocalist Jeremy Spring said of the single: “Everybody goes through hard times, what matters is who is there to hold you when life goes dim. This song is about a relationship on the rocks, just a flicker of love left.” Can things be repaired? Can our love be mended? Can our world become one once more? Let’s try. Let’s give it a hard try. Tell me now. Jeremy’s sumptuous vocals of pop extraction, delivers the confidence and empathy we all deserve, sometimes. We feel it’s the best way to go, after hearing – absorbing. “We can.”

nRCS – Take a Chance

Brooklyn artist nRCS (Fionn Knyper) is your biggest fan. Your biggest cheerleader. Your biggest advocate for the love that you deserve. In the title track ‘Take A Chance’ off of his latest upcoming EP, Fionn wants all of us to have that dignified feeling of content and downright brilliant feeling of belonging. With him. With her. The veteran rock drummer, with the help of Shaun Hettinger (Memoryy) and John Jagos (Brothertiger), delivers with innocence and palpitating intrigue.


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