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Fairground Saints Shares ‘California’. “Caressing. Kissing. Wanting. Always.”

‘California’ touches on that love’s forbidden bliss we all dream of. It’s the deeply seeded affection for another, which makes us go crazy. We can’t think straight, when she’s not with you. We can’t function without him next to you.

The stars come out to dance each and every night, and simmers as brightly as it has for millennia. But the luster is wiped out, if your soul mate doesn’t exist next to you.

Caressing you.

Kissing you.

Wanting you.

The clarity of message, a love’s message, by the trio FAIRGROUND SAINTS is beautifully laid out, with sumptuous presentation and delicious harmonization we come to love in a country-Americana offering.

Megan McAllister’s stunning vocals bounce off the Universe as it touches our hearts. And as her musical partners in crime, Mason Van Valin and Elijah Edwards construct their beautiful soundscapes mixing traditional country-pop with succulent modern soundscapes, the trio delivers in high drama and emotional storytelling.

Officially started in 2014, the trio keeps on making new ways for you to feelz.



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