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Fake Dad Shares ‘What’s Wrong’.

Josh Ford and Andrea de Varona write music together in Brooklyn, NY. “They want you to know that everything is going to be okay.”

And through their unique and virulently beautiful single ‘What’s Wrong’, the good person in thou personal square-footage can cry with no shutter or regrets about the current and the now. Because, it’ll pass.

What’s now, in this very minute – very second – very nano vibe – has already been registered as a copy of yourself. Very nominal. Something where you don’t need to think about any longer.

But it’s not that easy is it.

Especially when it’s of the heart.


“It’s okay.”

The video was directed by Evan Schwartz ( “Back in November me, Fake Dad, Katie Paul, and Noah LePage embarked on a journey to Tennessee to film this little gonzo-style video inside of the most unique and bizarre themed ride I’ve ever seen.”



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