Fake Shark ‘L-ectric Touch’ : Introspective journey of the record’s penetrating lyricism.

Fake Shark

Fake Shark launched into international acclaim with their Faux Real (2017) hit single ‘Cheap Thrills’ which was selected as the theme behind an Apple Watch commercial and featured in many TV series such as the Showtime original series Dice, and Freeform’s Famous in Love.

They steamrolled into 2018 with Walking Through a Fantasy’s lead single ‘Wake Up’ (ft. Vancouver darlings Fionn), which garnered over 120K Spotify streams and 20K video views. With their single ‘Feel Alive’ being quoted as “built on one of the best hooks of 2018,” Fake Shark have continued to release dancey bops that listeners adore.

‘House of Mirrors’ brings together some recent fan favorites such as the groovy ‘Bad Chemistry’, battlecry anthem ‘Invincible’, and their most recent single ‘Superstitious Thing’ along with four brand new tracks.

From embracing your inner weird and breaking the norm, to facing your inner demons head on, the album is a rollercoaster of emotion, all connected by the introspective journey of the record’s penetrating lyricism.

‘L’ectric’ Touch will be the focus track upon release of the band’s new album ‘House of Mirrors’.


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