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FALAISES: ‘Hush’ Continues To Add To The Band’s Formidable Sonic Reputation.

FALAISES brings us their latest single ‘Hush’, and there’s no way you can resist this kind of musical expression. The Paris based band does it again, with the kind of independent and ironic sense that underpins profoundly in this latest single. Accompanying this is the fantastic new music video which correctly amplifies the song’s original direction and focus.

The band dictates sound architectural philosophies by layering and texturizing notes and fantasies, by shearing edges of the known and possibilities.

That comes to truth, when you realize the decadent play of the drums in this particular single ‘Hush’. It encompasses all that is, and which matters within this ‘Hush-Universe’. There is no going back from the gate that has been opened by the drumming. Then the road to salvation is backed up and flooded by the Tsunami-like vocals of Alice, and the galactic significances of Baptiste, Guillaume, and Pierrick.

‘Hush’ is the perfect storm.

The band un-defines music genres.

Breathing new life to the genres, they decide to touch.

And we’re glad they continue to expand their sonic reputations.




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