False Heads ‘Rabbit Hole’ : You’ve come to the right place.

False Heads / Photo: Neil McCarty

If you want hard-rock goodness, you’ve come to the right corner of the indie music world. And when you get here, the gang that is named False Heads, will help you get to know the world of romping guitar drive, surges of gritting energies, and palpable urges.

It’s an exciting time for the talented band. As their debut album, ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ will be released on March 13th, we wonder how far their music can go.

The band stated about the album: “It’s a manifestation of the last four to ten years of our lives. We have thrown everything we have into this. It’s personal, impersonal, bleak, life affirming, inward and outward.”

Originating from the outskirts of East London, the band formed in 2016 to take the journey that have brought them to this poignant point of their careers. The trio delights with punk aesthetics, both irreverent and thoughtful, all sprinkled with hard-rock attitudes and lyrical sentiments.

Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott and Barney Nash make this project happen.

With the announcement of their album, they are now gearing up for a UK tour and swing towards SXSW.

See them in their first date @ The Victoria, London on February 13th.


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