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Family Friends – New

From the bass intro, and low-undertone growl of Rebecca Fitzsimons, Family Friends’ New is a dandy of a tune, and we felt the overall caressing of 90’s alt rock bands – without being asked.

It’s a trip down memory lane (if that kind of memory resides in your head). It’s a guitar-tastic, solemn, and near-nihilistic soul searching. It’s a tune for the masses, in one’s head – a song made ad hoc.

Family Friends is a brother / sister duo consisting of Tom and Rebecca Fitzsimons. And the ‘feel’ that we can touch from their execution for this song is simply: ‘gravity intense’.

You know. ‘Gravity’ – the invisible and universal force that makes what we think is weight on earth, relative. The ‘mass’ on this song is big. But its foot-print is diminutive – just like your former girlfriend’s actual feet, but she still wore the pants in your relationship.

Yep. The stick is bigger than the roar.

The sucker punch we got from this song is a black and blue we’d like to wear as badge of honor. It was definitive and will wear well with our other accessories.

The song is fab. The siblings are fab. And how do we know? Because they make some killer tunes (what? You thought we’d say something different??).

Anywho, take a fab look at this duo. We dig like, the deep hole we’d make with a proper Caterpillar dirt excavator.

We’re late to the Family Friends party, but we’re staying later!

You should too, and have a beer.



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