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Family Values Shares Punk-tastic ‘Doggggy’. “Best friends. Making music. In an outrageous, and fabulous way.”

‘Doggggy’ is the sound of 4 piece band FAMILY VALUES. From Harlow, Essex (UK), the kids with instruments, make adult music with this growl that is both ‘sweet’ and ‘salty’. You can say that’s what they meant to do. We agree. But pulling that off in song, is difficult, if not genuine.

And in this single, they come off as the honor-students for being genuine. And we just want to give them a gold star for the assignment.

The live energy in the band is irrepressible, as the driving guitar riffs tangle like dragons, in the forest filled with the heft of the vocals. Melodies are a plenty, however, for, as we’d mentioned, they play that fine line, quite reservedly but being extravagant, at the same time.

Rage? Hidden rage?

They tell us ‘Doggggy’ is about an extremely small dog, which had that exact ‘rage’. Not knowing its weight class, it assaults and chomps with vigor and malice. Or do you think it’s a metaphor for what FAMILY VALUES stand for in this day and age in pop culture?

The last part we made up, but it would be cool if it was, right?

Anywho, FAMILY VALUES was called ELEFANTASY. Now, they are FAMILY VALUES, and it’s yet unclear if they do walk the walk, in terms of exactly that. But heck, in the music department, we think their overall philosophy in song construction belongs where it should.

Best friends. Making music. In an outrageous, and fabulous way.

Bless them. Support and listen to them.

Alex Lydamore, Kieran Panchal, Hayden Miller, and Tara Noble make up FAMILY VALUES and they want YOU to be in their family.



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