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Fan Girl Shares ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’. “Resonating to full throttle.”

Ian Laidlaw

After a quiet 2018 following the tragic passing of band member & best friend Jack Wood, Melbourne’s Fan Girl have picked up the pieces, exhibited by a stellar return with emotive single, ‘Fox Song’ and a string of impressively compelling BIGSOUND appearances.

“After Jack’s passing, we put everything on hold, but ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’ was the first thing we eventually started chipping away at. It just felt right,” said frontman Noah Harris.

“’Yellow, Blue & Grey’ [centers] around the feeling of being left behind in life, both physically and in time,” explained guitarist Vincent McIntyre.“It sits in a weird place between wistfulness and nostalgia. A lot of the imagery, as well as the narrative, runs parallel with the friendship between, and story of, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gaugin.”

“We recorded it at our studio, Taste Police HQ, in a ludicrously – and now very on-brand – short amount of time.”

Rousing and rockin’, the gang knows how to handle their wares. Like an eagle in full flight, looking for its prey, Fan Girl’s ‘Yellow, Blue & Grey’ dictates with that sharpness that is distinct, indicative, and resonating to full throttle.


See them next on November 30th @ Northcote Social Club, Northcote VIC Australia.



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