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FANCLUB Shares Single ‘Leaves’. “New Single Puts Them On That Rail To The Stars.”

We look at the outer Universe through our magnificently engineered telescopes and there, in the darkness – comes a time for birth. From a supernova, comes the ingredients for new worlds. This is when things get exciting and magical.

A flash, starts the irresistible urge to be created.

Nuclear reactions violently dissolve its surroundings.

Readying itself for a Billion Years of continued resolution.

FANCLUB is a dream-pop band which Mike Lee took his image of what he wanted, then molded to his vision for guitar melding with dreamy synths, and surreal vocals. He completed that with his mates Leslie Crunkilton, and percussionist/drummer Daniel Schmidt.

And we like what we’re hearing.

Mike is right. In dream-pop, it is crucial for the lead vocals to dictate the direction and feel of the song. And Leslie, with her soft vocals drive that point home in their single.

The arrangement of this single ‘Leaves’ is completed by the work of Daniel and Mike’s willingness to spread the pages apart, and start from a base of their truth in music.

We get excited when a dream-pop band comes to life and its first single release.

Congratulations to all.



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