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Fantazmz // Pleasure Craft // Gabe Greenland // We Were Promised Jetpacks // Daeodon

Fantazmz – The Mall

From the first thrust of the deep dirty bass chords, and to the shimmer of the vocals, FANTASMZ loves you to death with mystifyingly decadent expedience. The fire crackers explode with nonchalant love and caress with ‘The Mall’. And you want more and more, as the nostalgic beat of the snare and hi-hat cast you into a coast of unknowns and dizzying aromatics. David Gagne is the mind behind this project. And the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and producer comes from Portland, Maine with gifts of salient songs and vibes to spare. We all need more of it don’t we? We sure do.

Pleasure Craft – Work It Out

PLEASURE CRAFT is Sam Lewis’ solo project that will drive you up the wall. The wall of astounding excitement and curiosity. ‘Work It Out’ is one of his offerings as dynamic as the influences derived from Gorillaz, Feist and LCD Soundsystem. Odd, quirky, weird, off-kilter. But like his influences, the plot is never lost. PLEASURE CRAFT’s oddity is overshadowed by the honest vitality that is deadly serious in crafting songs of the highest caliber. Electronic, and mix of many instruments give the right balance for the razor’s edge work that the ambitious Sam takes upon himself. The riotous belonging of ‘Work It Out’, from deep vocals in jest and to the far reaching rhythms of another galaxy, triggers and soothes with equal vigor and triumph.

Gabe Greenland – Stories We Tell Ourselves

GABE GREENLAND is Brooklyn based. And as a Brooklyn based artist always should, he brings his A-game to the fore, always and forever. ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’ is a folk based acoustic driven song that is lyrically prodigious. Colors of story telling is layered and indicative of the kind of chaos that we bathe in, ourselves – by ourselves. Soaked in the memories of the past but never really willing to move forward, some remnants of the future, cascades into shards of glass. But as complex as our hearts, the slicing weapons, have a hard time helping open our zombie like sadness. Heart-wrenching grunge that feels as grimy and poignant as our later teens. Word.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

The beginning of this song, ‘Quiet Little Voices’ by WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS starts like metal outcrop of lectures. The stage is set from the get-go and you can’t but get swept into the theatre of pain. Scottish rock mainstays WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS have announced the 10th anniversary edition of their acclaimed debut album ‘These Four Walls’. The journey started officially in 2003 and the gang from the highlands never looked back. The surly prominence of their songs are stories of glory and everything that comes as life continues on. Finalizing the U.S. leg of the tour, see them start their European campaign in September. Starts on 9/18 @ Kavka Oudaan Antwerp, Belgium.

Daeodon – Dog In The Street

Off of his latest album ‘The Fixer’, DAEDON’s single ‘Dog In The Street’ relieves in the light of day, but bites like a crazed wolf. And in that concrete jungle, the wolf in you reveals itself, sometimes scared, and most of the time confident in internal conquests. Never showing the previous, the howl of the wolf is reminded through and through to the world with exacting revenge. Consisting of Sam LeMay, John Torstrick, Greg Livingston, and Rob Edwards, the entirety of ‘Dog In The Street’ laments to a degree a poignant and visceral vision for a new world order. It is only for an individual world order, but a new turn on attitude for the future to come, none the less. And that is the start of accumulating power – a personal power. No one can take that away without a fight, right?


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