Fany De La Chica ‘Do You Still Love Me’ : Soul searching and defiantly decadent, chill.

Fany De La Chica

Fany De La Chica is an Andalusian (south of Spain) filmmaker and singer based in New York City.

As a singer, she inherited the passion for flamenco from her grandfather Juan Pedro Serrano ‘El Zapatero’. She has composed melodies for her films and she received singing lessons – jazz ensemble – from Christina Correa. She has composed her first album ‘Dressed for a Sunday’ in New York in collaboration with Ann Streichman and Jake Chapman.

As a filmmaker, she got Photography Direction at Film School in Barcelona, an MA in Documentary at the Royal Holloway University of London and an MFA Directing/Screenwriting at Columbia University. She made a total of three documentaries that have been broadcast internationally, screened in more than one hundred festivals and awarded worldwide.

Lovely tropical vibes, underly the shimmering love that Fany’s vocals pertain. A glimmering solitude to a mandatory conviction for lust, love, and its invariable ilk.

Soul searching and defiantly decadent, chill.

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