Farewell Horizontal ‘Where Did All The Fun Go To Die’ : “Now it’s just the two of us. Playing in a nuclear swamp…”

Farewell Horizontal

Pat Walker and Lauren Lime’s project, Farewell Horizontal, is a delight for any occasion of your life. Brooding, succinct, bright, and always attached to a thinking vibe, the band’s inquisitive gravity asserts cranking futures of how modern indie rock can become.

Formerly and briefly known as Methuselah, the duo now continues the journey of delivering the cache of song that Pat has accumulated through the past years.

Much needs to be expressed, and with the latest LP ‘Avoiding the Void’, the duo gets that beautiful chance to do exactly that.

Pat is 1/2 of band, Ohms, and Lauren is 2/3 of the band Gnohms.

We all need more of Farewell Horizontal.


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