FARR ‘Heal Me’ : But it’s worth getting there. Together.


Vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay together is the project FARR.

Roméo says “We’re so excited for this track to be out. I originally wrote this one with Carl Barat and Olly Burden during the same trip to London that I met Linden on. After a big night out I dragged myself to the studio across London and wrote the song between cold sweats. This was my longest and first trip alone to another country and felt pretty alone in London, so we ended up with this visceral love song about when you’re away from someone you love for a long time.”

Dire and deep in the river of gold, the shadows of ‘Heal Me’ nips at the heels of your own truth and notions.

The future of you and I. The future of here and there. It’s a murder case of emotions, that may not become fully revealed.

But it’s worth getting there. Together.

A rousing performance from FARR.


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