Fast Friends ‘Body’ : It’s a public service, yo. LOL.

Fast Friends

They’re just asking what you were thinking. Or feeling. Deep inside your soul.

Or is it just about the physical? Well, we don’t mind either way. For the purpose of ‘Body’, the fabulously fun single by Fast Friends, they ask “What you gonna do when it’s not perfect anymore??”

The honeymoon phase ends, eventually. And when it does, will it change your mind to leave the world we’d built?

Deep stuff from Fast Friends.

But don’t get them wrong. Physical friction is always a good thing =D

Again. They’re asking what you think about, when you do.

It’s a public service, yo.

The band is loud, and in yo face. They’re Tom Peyton, Ryan Spraker and Frederik Thaae.

And they got the goods.


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