Fat Heart ‘Glass Self’ : A confession of anthems grievance. A deliverance of shattering struggles… mended.

Fat Heart

Fat Heart is Jack Bzowski. The singer, musician and producer residing in London, UK and brings songs of unique depth and honesty. Using songwriting as a vehicle of expression is a cornerstone of his life, crafting melancholic songs long into the night out of his calling cards: layers of guitars, intricate vocal harmonies and deeply personal lyrics.

His debut EP, ‘Everything Is’, is 4 slices of home-crafted bedroom pop. A wholly DIY release that maintains lush and detailed arrangements on the subjects of loss, longing, self-destruction and boredom.

Within it, ‘Glass Self’ is a rapid spread of infectious nuances and Jack’s distinctive showmanship for the utterly understated beauty of harmonies. A deliverance of shattering struggles, it’s a confession of anthems grievance, which the self accepts and works to make things a little better.

A lesson in such gracious and grand simplicity deserves our attention.

The EP is out now.


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