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Fauvely Shares ‘Tides’. “It’s Okay. It’s Alright. Don’t Fret.”

Dream-pop is where the lovely artist FAUVELY had been living, in terms of her song constructions. But in this single ‘Tides’, the feeling she’s trying to exude through the song is a bit different. It’s the knife that cuts through the haze – the good dream haze – the clarity of ‘conviction’ comes through. Tapped with the sprinkles of glittering solitude, and self-conversation, ‘Tides’ describes the place that she was, but cannot belong conceptually, any longer.

A place of love.

A place of regrets.

A place where things can be ‘righted’; or just left alone.

“You see, I never was an outgoing extrovert. I had my feelings deeply crushed and mashed, inside my habits. No one knew what to think of me,” Anne professed while taking a deep swig of her Marlboro Lights.

“Then when did you break out of it? What got you out of that funk?”

She pushed the used up smoke from her lungs, as if nothing mattered any longer and said: “What makes you think I got out of that funk, in the first place?”

Memories are captured in her server of a brain, and heart. Longing for the familiar, and thriving for the unknown. We despise the ‘common’ in our individual selves, but knowing that it’s essential for survival.

So, we abstain.

It’s okay. It’s alright. Don’t fret.

Sophie Brochu is FAUVELY and with her recent transformational evolution within her music, it’s that deep and visceral contact high we want from her, so badly.

We hop she can provide, in spades.

Kudos, Sophie. Kudos.

Looking forward to more.



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