Favourite Daughter ‘Long Distance’ : Longs for those refreshing take in inspiration and emotive challenges.

Favourite Daughter / Photo: Henri Joseph

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Favourite Daughter (Julia Kennific) longs for those refreshing take in inspiration and emotive challenges.

Life isn’t a straight line. Just doesn’t happen that way. And within that qualification, relationships and love don’t dance like that either.

With the alt-rock vision and vulnerable honesty protesting through the spectrum of her song, ‘Long Distance’ protrudes with vexing admissions to the past then does its utmost to forge forward and then some.

The enthusiastic calm of Julia’s vocals, gives off the strength that we all can stake our listening lives upon. It directs us to the periodicals of living and taking it manifests itself fully.

Everything in our lives is not fine. But ‘Long Distance’ makes it better.


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