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Fawning Shares ‘Too Late’. “For your musical buffet.”

Goth-y, dark, but oddly effervescently exuberant – FAWNING delivers with a tap of reality and drizzled in foggy glimpses in their single ‘Too Late’.

The pop trio is a dreamcast of shades and the music is a part of a conversation that you have with yourself. Beautiful at times, tragic at times – the stories within the vail of incandescent obsolescence to the veritable callousness of human feelings undone, clicks with vibrance in your brain.

It’s by design. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Originally formed in mid 2019, the band is a fluid mix of artists with Cheyenne Avant, Devin Nunes, and Eddie Salgado keeping up the cosmic dust, in amplified control.

Look for more from this trio, and the odd contrasts they offer for your musical buffet.


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