fax machine ‘motorbike’ : It drills through into the core of your bones and it kicks you.

fax machine

fax machine is quite fabulous at “dredging up for no reason the depths of human angsts and worries of our normal, everyday….The extraordinary and fascinating tales of intrigue lie and wait.” That’s what we’d said about them prior and kinda sticks with their subsequent singles too.

‘motorbike’ is the weird and off-the-cuff and bewildering manifestation of sounds that just makes sense. It drills through into the core of your bones and it kicks you.

From new album ‘Ouch!’, the hooky and ‘sartorial’ trends of this vibe is dapper to the eyes (and ears).

“‘motorbike’ is a dream about sitting in a car whilst daydreaming about buying a motorbike,” said fax machine. “In that sense it’s essentially about never being satisfied and having to then take a step back from that and just laugh at it, at ourselves”

The Shapes, Field Music, Syd Barrett, deranged TV advs from the 1980s or Twin Peaks – or what have you – it delivers that sense of passion in that quirky pass-time of nostalgia that is both now modern and fabulous.



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