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Fear Until Fury // The Golden Leaves // Summer of Blood // Young Socrates // Billow

Fear Until Fury – Redemption

Made up of Kevin Ross, Brandon Henry, Brian Trainor, and Steven Suddreth, the nu-metal crew hits all of the right buttons and doesn’t let you go with ‘Redemption’ off of their latest EP ‘From The Ashes’. “The music is all about never surrendering to the traumas and pressures of life. We bring all our energy to everything we do onstage to reflect the passion in our music,” said the band. “Our past brought us here. Our influences are massively varied, spanning multiple eras and genres of music. We feel like our sound is our own. No one has been able to name a single band we sound like. We’ve heard Rage, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, Of Mice & Men, and Linkin Park.”

The Golden Leaves – Insomnia

Insomnia is the opening track from our debut album ‘City of Lights’. With Davids dedicated voice over a colossal rock band you are in for a treat. The lyrics is about meeting someone you love in your sleep, cause they’re not here in our dimension anymore. “We are a quintet of boys who are passionate about music, we like good music from all genres including trance, hip hop, funk and punk. But the common denominator is probably metal and all its sub-genres. We didn’t want to start yet another metal band from Norway since we’re quite tired of all the gore and doom we see on a daily basis. Instead we teamed up to make a rock band with a more bearable sound for everyone, with songs that will get you relaxed, pumped or just feel something. Without being to pretentious, todays pace doesn’t allow you to relax and feel much. If it’s the vocals, lyrics or the intense guitar solo at the end, isn’t important, but we hope it makes you happy…you took the time to listen.” From Trondheim, Norway: “We just released our first single ‘Higher than Ever’ and are getting ready for our release concert here in Trondheim. Within a few months our full EP will be launched on all streaming devices and it contains four quite different songs.” The band consists of David Nikolaisen, Christian Anton Sundet, Javier Campos, Torleiv Berge, and Arthur Wiik. They make approachable rock standout songs that grasps at past greatness, making way for their own road to such equals.

Summer of Blood – Little Robot

“Hey, little robot, tell me what you’re thinking when you’re listening to me. Say, little robot, tell me what your thoughts are on my privacy. Gee, little robot, can you keep a secret from our friends on the line? Please, little robot, if there was a contract tell me where did I sign?” Desert/Garage/Punk/Noise band from the Deserts of Arizona and the Streets of NYC. Influenced by The Stooges, Drive Like Jehu, Sweet, Brainiac, Hot Snakes, Rocket from the Crypt, The Cramps, and No Knife. Smart music, indelibly draped in utter talent, Summer Of Blood is in the line of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with a twist that is both haunting but exhilarating. ‘Little Robot’ is a mix of senses that creates a perfect vortex of the 70’s, 80’s and of the 90’s garage rock beat. It’s something else. The band is made of folks named Ryan Richardson, Jesse Everhart, Sonny Decarlo, Sean McCall, Topher Bradshaw, and Ryan Langlois. They make fab music with complicated and engaging arrangements, that just feels simple and unique and rockin’. Fabulous.

Young Socrates – Persephone

Rap? Nope. It’s what music can become. An amalgamation of both, hiphop, rap, synth, and alt-pop, ‘Persephone’ is a cool vibe that makes a compelling note on what Young Socrates is all about. With a tint of grime, the often draped vocal effects is plenty perfect for the context of this cruel notions on what love and lust is defined. The droning aspect of the song, casts a vibrantly understatement to the song. ‘Persephone’ is off of his latest LP ‘Calm Before The Storm’.

Billow – Scott

Billow is a 4 piece dream-pop band from Czechia (Czech Republic). Their debut album ‘Maps’ was released in September 2017 on a Slovakian label Z Tapes and it ranked as the 5th best Czech album of the year according to music critics on Off of their sophomore 11 song album ‘Seascape’, the single ‘Scott’ delivers with delightful sentiments and lovely vocal attentions. An enchanting dance in a sea of blue and coaxing emotions, a sweep of vibrance cast with colorful strums of the instruments in mind.


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