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(Feb. 16th) LIVE EVENT: Miette Hope / Bravely / Harry Jay / Cypress @ Sub Culture Jersey City.

On February 16th, two days after Valentines Day, join some of the best in indie music at Sub Culture Jersey City. Artists MIETTE HOPE, BRAVELY, HARRY JAY and CYPRESS join forces with THE DEN and comeherefloyd to present an evening of some great intimate music and entertainment.

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Date: February 16, 2019
Location: Subculture Jersey City
Time: 6pm-10pm
Brews: BYOB
Fee: Free

“The crew over at Sub Culture have been very welcoming and supportive of the arts and our mission and we are thrilled to be coming back,” stated Matthew Maroulakos, owner of The Den (northern NJ boutique recording studio), and producer of this event. “Regardless the medium we have always been interest in bringing folks together for an intimate experience and Sub Culture has provided us this platform. Last Spring, good friend and filmmaker, Nick Noyes and I co-hosted a micro-doc premier with Handsome Ghost and Charolette Rose Benjamin (followed by an acoustic performance). It was an all around positive experience and we’re looking forward to doing it again.”

Sub Culture has been a staple as a neighborhood restaurant since the middle of 2018. Conceptualized by Nick Roda and William Visnosky, the duo entrepreneurs wanted to bring passion for food and love for all things pop-culture, within a dining experience in Jersey City. With referrals to Star Wars, movies, and an all around nostalgic ambience, Sub Culture delivers a place where your child-hood memories can bubble up to the surface to play, once more. The long time residents of Jersey City, the owners strives to re-kindle, as well as, help start communal pop conversations while eating some great food. Small shop, lots of heart.

Miette Hope, Harry Jay, and Cypress will be touring the north east in February. Joining them will be Bravely, headed by Matt Smith of Hodera fame). We’d been big fans of all of the bands for the show. From Miette Hope’s sultry r&b/indie-rock goodness, Harry Jay’s prominent vibe, Cypress’ pension for beautiful melodies, and to Bravely’s new and eclectic folk offerings. Each artist summons the lyrical challenges and submits them for the public to access, as their unique aesthetics envelope and then help their audiences become one with the music.

February 16th, should be a fabulous night to remember.


Miette Hope is a 21 year old singer-songwriter and independent artist hailing from Colorado Springs currently attending her final year at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA as the first ever Vans off the Wall Presidential Scholar. Her style can best be identified by it’s lush vocal harmonies over spatially rhythmic grooves. Her songs are an embodied expression of the beauty in life’s trials and triumphs. With emotionally honest lyrics complimenting infectious melodies, the music is sure to move both your body and your soul.


“Harry Jay is an RnB/ soul/ funk artist, grown in the suburbs of Washington DC, now located in Boston, Massachusetts. A saucy performer, Harry Jay has a knack for catchy, soulful hooks, and dreamy neo-soul harmonies that are sure to captivate listeners of every genre. Dubbed “yacht-hop,” this unique style of music draws influence from the likes of Steely Dan, Mac Miller, The Roots, and Anderson Paak….Harry Jay is sure to continue making his funky, new imprint on Rnb music throughout the world.”


Ben Higginbotham brings his project CYPRESS. And the solo endeavor is a harkening to a life of love and finding a voice for yourself. Ben’s song ‘Books’ is a feeling of comfort and calm, just like a touch of support from a best friend, or a lover. The Dallas originating artist, now based in Boston, calls to us with beautiful hymns in a gloriously rich vocal interpretation. And you want to hear more. The melodies are decadent with drips of sentimentality, wrangled by the realities of the world, ultimately softened by a journey only the self can justify. It shines. The debut EP ‘A Fine Line’ is available now.


A brand new project for HODERA leader, Matt Smith, BRAVELY is the extended modern folk-arm in evolution. The partly traditional, experimental and partly an additional outlet for the fevers of creativity, Matt’s vision for the project is acoustic, acoustic, and more acoustic. The lyrical endeavors are as rustic and flavorful, as Matt pricks and prods new methods of musical renaissance into and out-from his music. No finalized studio recordings for the public yet. Just have to wait a bit. And we shall.


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