Febueder Shares ‘Then There Were Two’. “I’m Convinced Now. Heaven Only Lives In ‘you’.”

FEBUEDER is a duo indie musicians and producers, and with their single ‘Then There Were Two’, brings forth their selection for life’s choices and optional impediments to visual life. Featuring vocalist, Kieran Godfrey and percussionist, Samuel Keysell, the video and the single grinds smoothly towards that dim light that we can only imagine, squinting, doubting, and sometimes accepting that relegation of selfish delight – churned, then discarded.

Floating in the cloud of masicisctic nuances, he delved his pinky finger to the bright side of that shining beacon. The beacon where all are absorbed, then spit out for all to see, to hear, to diminish.

Rapturous tasting, with the corner of the mouth, pretending but straight forward – thinking – and pausing for the outsiders to acquire the honorable discontent for the ‘YOU’, and the place you occupy.

“Is this heaven, up in the clouds?”

“No. There’s no such thing. I’m convinced now. Heaven only lives in ‘you’.”

See FEBUEDER @ Night In The Ruins w/ Flamingods, Limpopo Groove in Reading Abbey Quarter, UK.


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