Feed The Biirds ‘Loud’ : The call for it all. I want it all.

Feed The Biirds

Feed the Biirds is the result of two introverted artists helping each other come out of their shells, find their voices, and be, unapologetically, themselves.

Singer/songwriter Camila Recchio and producer and multi-instrumentalist Kush Mody are behind the project, and with injections of cynicism and love, the contrasts of it all, comes to life in the words of this tasteful single.

The duo began this project as an experiment in 2018. The project keeps going and going, with momentum to spare. The beauty of the soulful vocals of Camila, resonate like the time when you come back home from that long overseas trip. Relaxation and appreciation, is the call of the day when these two throw us the song.

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On the way to ice cream, probably.

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