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Feelium Shares ‘The Natural Way’. “Pin-points exactly to where it hurts…then dance away.”


Simon Folger and Jakob Stenseke does it again with their latest release ‘The Natural Way’. We know Jakob from our his KARL JAKOB solo project and now we get to feel the power of the quirky decadence of the duo together.

The two artist, of course, have been imbedded in the Swedish indie scene for a long while and have much respect up and down the footprint. And as CHF matures and are exposed to so much good bands, it was bound to see Simon and Jakob in their organic habitats.

And in ‘The Natural Way’, you sure do.

“A fuck off to my x-partners persistent preaching about polygamy as the ‘natural’ way of life cried out on top of a 90’s guitar pop jam,” is how the band described this banger. And we agree.

Think about it. How do you scream out in your head when you’re frustrated with a relationship that had gone so bad, so quickly?


Exactly: Pop. DIY. Songs.

It’s the only way to swat those memories away.

And when a band like FEELIUM pin-points exactly to where it hurts, you’re eyes open and a breath of fresh air wafts into your stuffy room.

As the gorgeous chorus is played, you just can’t help but dance and bop to the tune. An amalgamation of 80’s and 90’s pop, the guitar driven delight elevates in all cylinders as it keeps you occupied with the thoughts of your past relationship, melts away.





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