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FEET Shares ‘Backseat Driver’ (Official Music Video). Yes. We’re Psycho. And We Love It.

The brand new single ‘Back Seat Driver’ is another delectable taste provided by the fruit of that far away isle in the sky- FEET. That isle of course is that place where FEET grew up, and was nurtured. In that isle, they were fed, cared for, and became men soon enough. That isle floated like the that Mercury, in the stories depicted; light, potholed, but gloriously just so. It was the Universe, FEET, created. Then spewed out. There goes that lunch.

The single is raucous and it’s indie-pop. It’s infectious, with the kind of knife’s edge.

Slice, slice, double slice.

Cut deep.

But it’s so good.

Talking about the new tune, FEET explained: “Harry wrote the riff cos he was pissed off after Jeep made him another naff cuppa”.

Whatever that means, we’ll have another.

“Jeep studies animation and illustration at uni so it’s a two birds one stoner job” add the band. “The animation connects to the lyrics and pays homage to our guitarist Callum’s problematic road rage, which is as hilarious as it is terrifying”.

There’s no mistake. FEET is going to climb the charts of their fans’ hearts, then conquer that realm they deserve.

No worries at all, for sure.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.



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