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Feiler Shares ‘Ruse’. Puts Our Mind At Ease.

Righteous indignations, sprout out of my horns, of detriment and bad intentions. I hurt you. I hurt you badly. I know this. I apologize. The depth of what I’d caused is apparent to me, now. But you already knew, at that moment, I’d done an unfair thing to you.

I remember you cried. Not in pain, but of surprise and disappointment.

Of me.

Being that way.

You turned away from me, and took your hands away.

I hurt you. I hurt you badly. I know this.

You left me on that day’s evening.

And I sit at my couch, looking out of my window.

Thinking of you.

Revenge is sweet, they say.

FEILER is a solo project by Austin Smith. The gentle weeping lyrics and recalcitrant attitude towards the conventional, takes you on a short journey to the dimension of unaccompanied ‘maybes’ and raucous inner voices of self-consciousness. Shame, love, and the grey area, all recount what has and could happen.

Smith’s vocals and clear picking of his guitar, puts the mind at ease.



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