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FELICITY GROOM Shares ‘DANCE FOR NONE’. “Organic. Propulsive. Joy.”

Penny Lane

Felicity Groom comes at us with another joy. A corner of the Universe where smiles are welcome and embraced. A place of solace and understanding. Where no one else, for at least for a moment, will be as or greater of a concern, than you will be to yourself.

With two albums under the belt and out in the world distributed through good friends at Spinning Top Music, Felicity Groom is already enjoying a brand new adventure.

Having released Backwards Forwards in early 2019, and with new single ‘Dance For None’ produced with Kevin Parker displayed here, Felicity’s new direction is as organic as it is digitally propulsive.

The Perth, Australia based artist now digs deep into her new horizons, and wants us to go there with her.

See her next @ Royal Park Hall, for her launch show on November 23rd.



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