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FELIVAND – Hot Headed

Felivand’s Hot Headed is a fabulous lyricist and singer/songwriter from Brisbane. We loved her song ‘Recollections’ bit ago, and here we are again with another beautifully crafted edition.

“Because I wanna survive from your love” is one of the lines from the teen sensation (in our eyes, anyways), and it’s a perennial ‘Yield’ sign to that thing that is so good to you.

It’s excess. It’s the talk of too much, too soon. Rational thinking should prevail.

But it just doesn’t.

You crumble at the feet of infatuation, lust, love. The language of having her/him, makes you mute.

The utterances of putrid loneliness leaves a path to that shiny future.

You’re deaf, to the sounds of warnings and (possible) hardships.

Wander, we do.

We do, wonder.

Felivand is the project of Felicity Vanderveen. With a quiet, unassuming, but redeeming and authoritarian vocals – it’s so very easy to fall in the trap.

But one doesn’t mind being in that cage.

Felivand makes it alright.

We dig Felivand, a lot. You should too.



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