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Felix // Teischa // Joey Maxwell // BROTHER LEO // E. Alvin

Felix – Friends

“We Can Be Friends explores feelings of denial, heartache and nostalgia while going through a break up with a sense of hope of becoming friends again in the future…second guessing everything and still wanting that person in your life as a friend”. The thrust of it all is recounted and accounted in a relationship that has been ‘tainted’ in some ways. The last chapter of existence is no more. A different sheen covers this new future together. Will it last as the new kind of friendship MUST develop? Odds are against it. “Can a new kind of care, exist in this new world for us?” Felix is a British Singer-Songwriter merging Alt-Pop and RnB melodies.

Teischa – not a sad song

TEISCHA brings glitchy, piano framed, ballad textures in ‘not a sad song’. Deeply thoughtful, and emotionally connected, the single is a big example (of many) from the fab artist. Produced by Melbourne’s lucianblomkamp (6LACK, Khalid, Moss Kena and others) TEISCHA is chill, cold, calculating, but empathetic to that dimension of love and about love. There is a sliver of wanting more from, even this world of fails and imperfection. Once ‘love’ is found, it can help reset this dire journey. TEISCHA’s alt-pop envisions, cloud none, and comes off as refreshingly succulent, in the overcrowded forest. TEISCHA is built for this. So, are you ready for TEISCHA?

Joey Maxwell – going thru changes

South-East Londoner JOEY MAXWELL is ready to make his mark with his debut single ‘Going Thru Changes’. A self-deprecating homage to all the things that are out of his control, said Joey on the single: “Written at a time when I was going through a lot of life changes, assimilating it to a failing relationship was more just a way to compress and satirize one of those times in life where everything sets you off into an existential crisis.” As the first single from his upcoming EP, Joey has a knack for telling simple stories within a layer of emotions. The tart-ness of the lyrics, bounce off of the atmosphere, as Joey’s vocal prosperity, conjures up poetic justices for life and happiness. Going through phases and changes in life can be overwhelming. Let’s ride together with Joey.

BROTHER LEO – Barcelona

Swedish artist BROTHER LEO said of ‘Barcelona’: “The song is about 2 intense weeks I had in Barcelona years ago, experiencing a lot of things for the first time. 2 weeks that in many ways made me grow up I guess, maybe a little bit too fast” explained BROTHER LEO. “I wanted to try to capture those moments and memories in this song both lyrically but also in the soundscape.To tell this story sonically I wanted the soundscape to have some kind of cinematic and organic vibe to it and dynamically just letting it grow.” Produced by Dan Grech (George Ezra, Lana Del Rey), he added: “As BROTHER LEO I’m more able to challenge and push myself as an artist and songwriter in a different way than before. Brother Leo is mainly about freedom to me”. Simple, but complex. Attentive, but irreverent – BROTHER LEO the man and the art, comes together firmly and with purpose in ‘Barcelona’. Hope is within reach.

E. Alvin – Highnote

As emotional beings, we go through inner turmoils, everyday, consistently and mostly in silence. It is because of the demands for efficiency in living in our highly integrated world that we need control of these emotions. But sometimes, there’s no way of expelling such vileness in a safe way. We get consumed. We get lost. We get confused as to which emotional worlds are OUR truths to wellness or not. E. ALVIN’s single ‘Highnote’ is one of those episodes, of a being, in struggle, within and from without. “‘Highnote’ is about pulling the trigger, cutting the ties, ending the runaround and coming to civil conclusion something this toxic will never work,” said E. ALVIN. Relationships are cornerstones of such confusion, for even with all of the strife that comes with a toxic relationship, with enough time, the ‘comfort’ of ‘chaos’ becomes you, without you even knowing. Breaking out of that cycle is traumatic. E. ALVIN wants us to break, with a clear conscience. You deserve so.


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