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Femke Shares Single ‘Wounded’. Delicate Walk During A Summer Sun Shower.

Downtrodden and mis-given, his stride lumbered and slowed, to a fault he reckoned. Rampage of mind and soul, delegating his feeling for her, to the basement of his depths. Trying, and ceasing, and pushing – closing the gates of a small door, which never seemed to fit the edges. The room was blackened with his smears in cover-up, but was gray enough for shadows to be distinct. His silhouettes all along the walls, of many walls, built up throughout the years. Of torment; self torment predictable by the utter silence of his beloved paramour. Silence. Again. No shouting can be helpful. The door edges won’t fit.

Femke is originally from The Netherlands and has been doing her thing with her music in Nashville. She tried her new career path after her college years in Boston. Now, here she is doing her best to flutter our hearts with singles like ‘Wounded’.

And she surely does.

Her vocals depict the soul searching solitude within all of us, but then has a strength that tries not to define the path we currently are upon. It’s never engraved in stone. You can change – if you’d like.

‘Wounded’ reminds us of a spring walk through the puddles, during a short and warm sun shower. And just like the rain, it brings warm feelings and smiles. And at the same time, reminding us of how fleeting things could be.



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