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Fenne Lily Releases Single ‘Car Park’. Included In Upcoming Album ‘On Hold’.

Fenne Lily’s latest single ‘Car Park’ dropped. We’re both tortured and challenged, like the twisted hearts and emotions, destitute and desperate – for some kind of reckoning and finality. Fenne made us this way with this song.

And we like it that way.

“I’ll be the first to admit that my songs are far from uplifting,” says Fenne, “but while ‘Car Park’ chronicles yet another period of false hope and turmoil, it was written following the realisation that damaging patterns are enabled and suffered by the passive. I cannot and will not blame my heartache on anyone but myself, so this isn’t a song about pain, it’s a song about power; about putting the ball in your own court; about knowing when to wave goodbye to the things that make you ache in order to make space for those that help you grow.”

Pain, as they say, is the pill that wakes you up and helps to summon more happier days. For without ‘pain’ there wouldn’t be the reciprocle, unadulterated ‘happiness’.

Well, if we ever get there.

Will we ever get there Fenne?

Will we?


Fenne touched a nerve with many listeners of her songs. She’s a unique prospect of a talented human being.

The now Bristol based singer and songwriter is on the war path. And that war path, is a straight one-way to your sensibilities and heart strings.

Hold on tight. The journey’s just begun.



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